The allure of India is beguiling. Since early times, travelers have been fascinated by her awesome diversity of people, cultures and landscapes. From Indias highly evolved ancient civilizations have emerged eclectic aiths and rich art and architecture traditions which have stimulated the wanderlust of many. 

At IVAT, we bring you the authentic and quality Indian subcontinent experience combining novelty with enrichment and learning.

The roots of IVAT profound philosophy stem from its top management who have brilliantly combined decades of expertise with immaculate perception and a vast sweep of knowledge. A cohesive and well knit team, make the impossible happen. Travel programmes are crafted with painstaking detail and passionate inventiveness ranging from the widely popular Golden Triangle to a lesser known yet equally enthralling birding tour to the North East.

Concentrating exclusively on custom designed travel, which cater to the individual traveler, private groups, incentives or Conferences, the options are diverse and unique. A surreal desert night al fresco extravaganza, dining with royalty in their opulent chambers, a royal Peshwa Haveli evening on the ascetic Ghats of Varanasi or witnessing the spectacular magnificence of Kathakali, a refined art form of Kerala, is just the tip of the iceberg.

The choice of accommodation ranges from deluxe to the luxurious. We can arrange executive private jets to an exclusively chartered railway carriage for utmost privacy. Strict quality consciousness is adhered to in all aspects and the accompanying resource persons impart their brilliant insight into Indias fine nuances and her emerging contemporary identity with succinct dexterity and wit.

Above all, our clients are treated with kid gloves, navigating the fine line of concern - unobtrusively.