Central India

Tours of Central India takes you over the eternal monuments, exotic figures carved on walls of  Khajuraho temples. Visitors would be delighted to see places full of natural and man made  wonders.  With great historical  monuments, rich wildlife, pilgrimage, jungle safari, festivities and diverse cultures in this region  has it all to win over the hearts of travelers.  


Central India Tour Snapshot

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  • Hot Season : March - June 24°C - 46°C with 20mm Rainfall
  • Monsoon Season : July - September 26°C - 44°C with 178mm Rainfall
  • Cold Season :October - February 24°C -10°C with 8mm Rainfall
  • Khajuraho Festival of Dance
  • Chethiyagiri Vihara Festival

14 Days Wildlife Marathon

Destination to Visit: Delhi, Nagpur, Tadoba, Pench National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandavgarh National Park, Jabalpur, Pipariya, Satpura, Bhopal

Trip Overview:

Experience the chill of spotting a pair of sparkling eyes rising above the rolling grasslands at a distance. The royal roars that dominate these wildlife reserves will now be within reach as you follow the tiger`s trail in India. Tadoba, Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Satpura together make up for showcasing the largest population of these majestic cats.