North East India

North-East India is arguably one of the most fascinating places of India and of the world, located at the northeastern region of India, and consisting of 7 states, called collectively as 'the seven sisters'. Much of the region has been left unexplored till date, owning to the regions formidable terrain consisting of mountains, hills, rainforests, river, jungles and predators, and deficiency for proper infrastructure. The small sized region is a biodiversity hub, having one of the highest biodiversity density found anywhere in the world.


North East India Tour Snapshot

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  • Hot Season : March - June 12°C – 18°C 240mm Rainfall
  • Monsoon Season : July - September 15°C – 20°C 178mm Rainfall
  • Cold Season :October – February 7°C – 13°C 36mm Rainfall
  • Darjeeling Carnival
  • Lhosar

14 Days Tea Tour in Darjeeling & Gangtok

Destination to Visit: Delhi, Bagdogra, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kolkata, Chennai

Trip Overview:

From bustling Kolkata, Indias vibrant capital of culture, to the astounding beauty of Darjeeling, with its verdant tea plantations, Himalayan vistas and Buddhist monasteries - take the road less travelled on this captivating journey.